Smart Meter

I see everyone else is posting these threads to get added to the list, so sign me up too please :slight_smile:

I’m a sucker for fancy technology so a smart meter would be perfect for me :smiley:

Hi @Belazor your name is on the list! :slight_smile:

I’d also love to have a smart meter if possible :slight_smile:

@MF19 Sure, we can make it happen. You are on the trial :slight_smile:

I’d like to be on the list too please

@Torpis Then on the list you shall be!

Could I also please add my name to the list too. Thanks

@chrisrww Of course =)

Yes please, have just joined you and would love to be on the trial. :slight_smile: We have a smart meter fitted now, not sure what will happen with that? We never got to understand the device that came with that one so would love another go!

hi, have just joined and have a new-ish smart meter under 3 years old, will this still function as a smart meter after my switch?

@comicsloth, sadly not.

All current smart meters installed in homes (excluding a handful) are 1st gen.

1st gen smart meters are not (currently) interoperable between suppliers so your meter will become “dumb” after the switch and unfortunately you will then have to submit manual meter readings.

Bulb are looking to roll out 2nd gen (SMETS2) smart meters mid 2018 which are interoperable between suppliers.

thanks @mowicus

Hi, I would like to be signed up for a smart meter please.

@Suecal4 That’s no problem at all. We’ll add you to the trial now.

@comicsloth Exactly like @mowcius said :), right on!

@rocketeer32 We can add you to the smart meter trial list, we’ll let you know of any advancements regarding the trial.

Is the smart meter just for electric or is there a gas version too?

Hey @rocketeer32 , you can have a smart meter for electricity and one for gas too!

I would also like to put my name down for the smart meter, but in the mean time as I have a First gen am I able to turn it off somehow??
As it lets off radiation, but isn’t been used, it seems pointless.


Can i also be added to this mysterious and magically list of people who will eventually get a smart meter installed in their house?

can i put my name down too please

I contacted you earlier this year about getting a smart meter to help with charging our new electric car, so I’d be really pleased to be part of your trial - can I be signed up as well please!