Smart Meter

I have a Liberty 100 meter that was supplied by 2016 I have now switched from Co Op Energy and have been submitting to them Electricity day and night readings using RO1 (night) and RO2 (day) readings. Today I find RO2 day readings are not availaible is there any explanation for this as it is a complete pain. I have had to obtain the total used and subtract the night reading but it all seems very complicated! Are Bulb going to supply a new and simpler meter this year as I wish I hadn’t asked for a smart meter to begin with now!

I can’t get a strait answer to a simple question…Are smart meters able to cope with switches?.

Hi @ziggy :slight_smile:

We’re holding out for the second generation of smart meters to come out later this year. Then they’ll work across all suppliers and you should never have to take meter readings again! And you can sign up for the trial here if you want to be one of the first -

Hey @chris5608 - you can switch to a different supplier when you’ve got a smart meter, but it will lose its smart functionality and act like a dumb meter, so you’d have to submit meter readings manually. The second generation smart meters are coming soon, and then there shouldn’t be any switching issues at all :slight_smile: