Smart Meter

Is it possible to have a smart meter with bulb

They will be rolling them out this year, not sure where they are at but were kicking off with a trial first.

I have a smart meter will it be affected by me moving to bulb?

Probably wont work and you will have to give manual readings. Bulb are kicking off with the newer generation of Smart meter,.

@scudo knows! If you’d like to sign up for the beta test @mailbox6 you can pop over to and sign up, and @Brunnie you’ll be able to switch with no problems but you’ll have to give us your readings manually, we can’t connect with the first gen smart meters remotely

I wouldn’t rush to get a get a Smart meter. The first generation used a standard called ‘SMETS1’, which was fairly poor - for example, if you switched supplier your new supplier couldn’t get at the data and the meter would switch back to ‘dumb’ mode. SMETS2 meters are due on the 5th October 2018 and will enable any supplier to get at the data, so I would at least wait until then to get one installed.

Good Morning All,

I don’t know about everybody else but there seem to be a lot of separate threads on the subject of Smart meters (SMETS2). I think we need a ‘sticky’ or an FAQ or something similar and a single source of response from Bulb as to the rollout programme?



Hi all! My colleague, David has posted the link for anyone interested in having SMETS2 installed which will kick off towards the middle of this year (likely to have one installed towards the end of the year). We’re also working on integrating and reading current SMETS1 but this won’t be until near the end of the year :slight_smile: