Smart meter

Hi just in the process of switching to bulb we are currently with Scottish power and have there smart meters how will this work

For now, we are not able to remotely read your smart meter. You need to read the meter manually and submit the readings in our online portal. This is because the smart meter installed in your home is first-generation and unfortunately each different make of first-generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it.
The good news is that second-generation meters are not far off and will communicate through a central system (getting rid of the need for lots of software!).
Ofgem has plans to make first-generation smart meters compatible with the central system, but this functionality won’t be available until late 2018. At Bulb, we’ve made the decision to wait and only install second-generation meters for our members so they can be confident that if they choose to switch to another supplier their smart meter will still work.

Am I right in thinking that these differing systems were a deliberate choice by the big six to, unethically but not illegally, stitch up customers who opted for a smart meter by giving them something that effectively forced them to stay with a specific supplier (the ones who supplied the meter) as they where the only ones who ran the software to read that particular meter?

An I don’t know for certain but I’m reasonably sure that the big six would charge a hefty licence fee for access to the software for the their meters, so even if a customer switched to another supplier they would still get paid. (As I said, that is pure supposition, but knowing corporations, it seems likely)

And wasn’t there a change in the law recently to close this unethical practice? (Hence the new generation of meters)

I’ve just joined Bulb (still waiting on the switch) but I’m definitely interested in a smart meter the instant they are available…

Just moved from another supplier, wanting to get a smart meter as soon as I can.

@RickEd We’re currently sorting out the final details to begin our roll out in August/September of this year. We’ll let all our members know as soon as they’re available.