Smart Meter

Surely it can’t be too much longer for the smart meters to be used, could I have a reply and a time span for my area (bb11) . I have some already installed from my previous supplier and when I joined I was told it wouldn’t be long. It feels like I have been waiting a very long time and annoying that I have modern devices that I have to use in an old fashioned way. If it doesn’t happen soon then I will have to consider if it’s worth looking at other suppliers.


Totally agree with you Chris. We are the same fed up of having to read the meters when we previously had a smart meter. If this is not sorted soon will have to look elsewhere. It’s a shame really as seem good company otherwise.


@Chrisbolton100 @sarah861 We are currently aiming to install our very own second-generation smart meters from late-2018 and the trial will start a few months earlier. We had hoped to install them sooner but they are reliant on the third party responsible for operating the smart meter network (Data Communications Company) and they have had some delays in their technology. The good news is that we are working on integrating first-generation meters, like the one you may have already so we can use them instead of replacing them.

If you want to sign up to the smart trial, you can do that here:

Reading a meter- worth it in my opinion to have renewable energy!

@GeorgieGirl We hope so.

We also hope that 2nd generation smart meters will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve been with bulb some time now and want to know when you are fitting smart meters

@RevelM01 For the reasons Dan outlines we can’t give an exact time frame. This is because the overall technology is dependent on the Data Communications Company (DCC) and our install in each area will also depend on the availability of engineers. So we can’t be any more exact than @“DanP at Bulb” outlines. If you want to sign up to the smart trial, you can do that here: