Hi I’m in the middle of switch over from my previous supplier joining Bulb around 12th July… At the moment my existing supplier has installed a Smart Meter as I am disabled in a wheelchair and cannot access my meter to read it. Having this facility has been a God send and I am able to keep an eye on my usage as well with the hand held gadget. I would love to be able to carry on using the Smart Meter with yourselves, if that’s possible, but will require you to arrange a Meter Reader to come to my home as and when you require the Final Readings. Please arrange this for me. . I also need to be added to your “Priority Service List”. Thank you.

@MoJas2011 thanks for getting in touch with us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep the smart functionality here at Bulb. If you wanted to continue using it, we would be able to withdraw our application so you stay with your current supplier.

Otherwise, if you do want to come over to us we will be able to add you to the Priority Service List. We are only able to submit a request for a meter reader after we take supply which would be too late. We would recommend asking your current supplier to send out a reader close to the supply start date.