Smart Meter

Hi I have just joined Bulb but can see how I can get my meter changed to a smart meter. Is anyone able to help with this

Daniel Kelly

I believe all the metres will be changed to smart meters at the end of the year when the software is sorted out.

If you want to sign up for the smart meter trial - you can do so at - however, Bulb (like all other suppliers) are waiting on to finalise the communication software used by the new SMETS2 smart meters (which should be sometime this year - but the schedule keeps slipping: it was meant to be Q1, last I heard it was Q3 - Autumn - before trials could start). These meters will work (and remain ‘smart’) no matter which electrical/gas supplier you are with - all current installed meters may become ‘dumb’ (ie. not be able to report readings) and/or lose functionality (like in-home displays) if you switch suppliers. Strangely enough, the large utility companies are pushing for these ‘old smart meters’ to be installed as it helps ‘customer lock in’.