Smart meter

I just join Bulb Energy, my question is how and when i can get smart meter is there any cost?, please advice.


I Left one of the big six energy suppliers because of the pressure they were putting me under to have a smart meter. They organised a contractor to install one without my knowledge . I received an email to say they would be turning up on a certain day to install it. I cancelled both the contractors and the energy company and came to Bulb.
A recent report says the the smart meter project is hugely over budgeted, wont be completed on time and seems they will only save customers half of what they were led to believe. In a TV program it reported fires were caused by contractors rushing to install meters into homes and not doing the job properly.
So that is my take on smart meters, I don’t want one. But whatever floats your boat !
Best wishes

Hey @Naren they’ll be no cost when we offer them to you. We’re looking to roll out our smart meters at the end of this year, but we don’t have an exact date yet. We’ll be in touch when we’re ready to offer you one :slight_smile:

@Naren There won’t be any costs to you when we install them. You can sign up for the trial here and we will be in touch as soon as we start installing them: