Smart meter???

I’m thinking of switching to Bulb from Eon but haven’t heard of them before.
Do bulb offer different tariffs or just one?
Do they offer smart meters?
Do they have different rates for evening/overnight.

Hey @rs_41 thanks for enquiring! We just have the one tariff, we prefer if all of our members are on our best deal, and no one is on a better or worse deal.

We’re rolling out the new generation of smart meters. They’ll be ready later this year and throughout 2019. These ones are cross compatible so you don’t need to worry about it working with another supplier.

If you have an economy 7 meter then your electricity day and night usage will cost different amounts. This depends on the meter in your property, rather than the tariff that your on with Bulb.

I’m looking to change over to Bulb so would we be able to get a economy 7 meter from you and have different day and night amounts?

Are there any additional or hidden costs with a smart meter (i.e. the device, installation, maintenance) etc?


@rs_41 You’d get different prices for your day and night usage, you can see them if you click the ‘refine my quote section’ under the switch now button when you get a quote on

There are no hidden costs with a smart meter, we are not offering them quite yet but when we are, late this year, we’ll be offering them for free to all our members. If you choose to have one installed or not, your tariff will stay the same.

Thank you!