Smart meter

Hello Bulb. I had smart meters installed by Scot Power a year or so ago. They still seem to be sending info to my (useless) energy consumption display, but I notice that neither the gas nor electricity tariffs are the same as on my quoted Bulb tariffs (as of today). They are both a little higher, which is either because a) I am still being supplied by Scot Power; b) The tariffs on the display are the new Bulb tariffs, although they are not due before Nov 11th; c) The smart meters and Bulb are not communicating and I should disregard the energy consumption and tariff info that it displays. Which of these options is the most likely? Thanks

I guess c) please see:

Thanks for the tip Allanr. Having read the info there, it doesn’t exclude the possibility that Bulb and my SMs are communicating with each other but that they cannot update the tariff info or automatically read the meters!

Basically first generation smart meters installed by a previous become “dumb” when you switch to Bulb,i’e. no communication between meter and Bulb. An other help document:

Hiya @mintymiller - It’s not likely we’ll be able to communicate with your meters at this time, we certainly wouldn’t be able to update the consumption and tariff info yet.