Smart Meter

Not sure if anyone can help but my smart meter from my previous supple doesn’t seem to work with bulb? Do I just have to send in meter readings? Also my actual new gas and electricity meters don’t have displays, as the previous supplier said the meters are read automatically

At the moment, all “SMETS1” smart meters (if you have currently have a smart meter, 99.9% chance of it being a 'SMETS1") are only compatible with the supplier that installed it(!). Bulb is waiting for SMETS2 meters before rolling out their meters as these are compatible with every supplier (there are plans for SMETS1 meters to have a firmware update to move them to the new system, but this is months - at least - away). The ‘big 6’ providers like pushing people to have SMETS1 meters as that helps ‘lock them in’.

What this means in practice is that any smart meters, when you move to any another supplier, becomes a ‘dumb’ meter and cannot send in the meter readings automatically :frowning: However, there should be a display on the meter and a button to press to show the meter readings which you then supply to bulb - might help.

Hi @Littlemumdent exactly as @RichyB says couldn’t have put it better myself. If you run into any trouble reading the meters, using those instructions, then let us know and we’ll talk you through it. Be aware that it’s the physical meters on the wall you need to read, that little portable screen will stop working too

Hi all, I was just reading an Observer article that says the SMETS2 meters are now available. I hope Bulb will be one of the first suppliers to get these rolled out to their customers, I’m so tired of the hassle of climbing up to my meters that I’m considering switching back to British Gas for this reason alone:

The Observer can reveal there are now more than 30,000 Smets2 meters installed in homes and businesses across the country – a rapid acceleration from a total of just 1,000 in June. About 1,000 are now being fitted each day.

British Gas, the UK’s biggest energy supplier, has fitted more than 5,000. Smaller suppliers, which have been waiting for Smets2 units, say they are starting to install them at pace.

Hi @ross5326 we’re currently in testing, I believe that we’ve actually recently installed one or two smets2 meters as first tests and we’re planning on widening those tests as soon as we finish dealing with the first teething problems.