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I am about to change to you from SSE. We currently have SSE smart meters which have been fitted for afew year previous to us moving here.
Will you be able to connect the meters up and supply a reader so we can keep check of our usage?

Hello @Rosienew ,

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Can Bulb read my smart meter?

If you already have a smart meter (SMETS1), we can’t read it remotely so you’ll need to send us meter readings.

We’ve partnered with a company who will be able to read some first generation smart meters. We’ll individually contact those members who we can successfully receive smart meter readings from.

If we’re not able to read your current smart meter, we’ll get you fitted with a second-generation (SMETS2) smart meter.

When can I get a smart meter from Bulb?

We aren’t offering smart meters just yet but we’ll be rolling out second generation (SMETS2) smart meters to our members from late 2018.

If you’d like to be added to the list of members that are keen to take part in our smart meter generation trial, please fill out this form.

Why has there been a delay in Bulb’s smart meter roll out?

You can read all about why we haven’t yet rolled out smart meters on our blog post.

SMETS1 ‘smart meters’ (as you probably have installed) will become ‘dumb’ (as in any in-home display will either stop working or show incorrect information - and will stop sending meter readings) whenever you switch to any other supplier (I wonder why the ‘Big Six’ are pushing these meters…hmm…). The new SMETS2 ones which are rolling out will work with any supplier (and Bulb are hoping to be able to convert some of the older SMETS1 meters to be ‘compatible with all suppliers’).