Smart Meter

How do I get a Smart Meter and do other users recommend them?

Hi @JB_1957 ,

At the top of this forum is a stickied post entitled ‘Bulb and Smart Meters’ ( ) which gives the latest status of Bulb’s smart meter rollout and a link to a form to signup. In summary - Bulb is just starting the roll out of the new smart meters, but don’t expect them to reach your address until next year (2019) - you might get one in November/December, but you’ll be really lucky.

As to if they are worth it… Well, if your meter is hard to reach/read or you don’t like reading your meter every month/quarter, then it might be for you. If you think you could benefit from the hours of Bulb’s ‘smart tariff’ (see ), then it might be for you - but the 4pm-7pm ‘peak’ rates might be a ‘killer’ depending on your usage patterns (as that’s the time people tend to get home from school/work, put dinner on etc etc - putting high demand on the grid and pushing up prices). If you are interested in the ‘Internet Of Things’ and want to read your meter into your home IoT setup on a minute-by-minute basis for your own purposes, then it might be for you in the future - Bulb hasn’t yet announced how the Zigbee protocol will be enabled for user-specific own-implementations (and if you don’t understand that section, it’s not applicable to you :wink: ).

If you are looking to get a smart meter ‘just to save money’, but aren’t willing to change your usage (or are already using as little electricity as you feel you can), then it’s NOT going to be worth it - the ‘savings’ advertised are only really applicable for ‘educating customers’ into their own usage and getting them to modify their usage patterns (i.e. not leaving TVs/computers/lights on all the time etc).

Hope it helps!

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