Smart meter

I am in the process of changing to bulb and I already have a smart meter which I have been told will become dumb when I change. Can Bulb take over this meter?

Hi @Aban,

Bulb should be able to take over the meter - if it is an incompatible SMETS1 meter (who only tend to work with the installing supplier), then it will indeed become ‘dumb’: this basically means the In-Home Display will stop reporting correctly (the display may be blank or may show wrong information) and you’ll have to manually read the physical meter and send the readings into Bulb on a monthly basis. Bulb may be able to hook the meter up to the ‘DCC’ later this year which will re-enable the automatic readings, but that’ll depend on the exact make and model of the meter, firmware installed, your location etc etc : hence why there are no promises that it’ll work (worse case scenario, it’s replaced with a multi-provider compatible SMETS2 meter at some point).

Hope it helps!