Smart meter

Two weeks now since installation of my smart meter and it still does not display my energy usage. Was this rushed out before proven. Bulb customer service not much help. Does anyone else have the same problem?

@Dindynut, the majority of the rollout so far has been done on a trial basis with people who expressed an early interest in the technology.

It appears that some people either signed up to the trial not understand that it might have some issues, or Bulb have offered meters to general members knowing that some issues may still be present.

In short, whether you were informed of it or not, it’s still very early days and Bulb (and other suppliers) are facing some issues with these first trial rollouts. Some installations have been fine, others not so much (mine included).

Bulb are working on it, but for the issue you’re facing, I believe they’re pretty much just testing/waiting on more information from suppliers of the hardware to ensure a reliable fix before trying to get dozens of people to go around pressing buttons and resetting things to hopefully get everything to work as it should do.

Thanks, it would have been nice of bulb to notify customers of these issues and give a realistic time scale for the problems to be fixed.

I think they’re struggling with working out a timescale themselves, but I completely agree.

Their communication of late has been abysmal.

I would strongly recommend photographing your old meter displays before any meter change. Siemens have recorded my old electricity reading on the new gas meter instead of the old gas reading.

They messed up a little with mine but not quite that badly.

I would recommend the same though, and I suggested it to Bulb as a process change - Siemens ask you to confirm so many other things, they might as well ask you to confirm final readings and give you the opportunity to take a photo.

To be fair to the Siemens installer it turns out that he did take and report the correct gas reading to bulb. Therefore noting the wrong old reading on the new meter is inconsequential.