Smart meter

Received email about being able to have smart meter. However upon answering questions my property is not eligible. I’m not sure if I’m ticking the right box. My gas meter is in a brown box with a sloped lid above ground. Should I be eligible.

@Aj5988, currently Bulb are not installing meters in those type of meter boxes. When the initial rollout issues are resolved and the engineers have the right parts on the van to do these installs you will be able to get the meters fitted.

Well had my smart meter fitted a few weeks ago now and from day one it only showed the gas symbol. Was really disappointed when the fitter left without it up and running correctly and looking at some of these comments dating back further than when mine was fitted they already new these had problems. . I am totally in the dark on my usage and I had a better knowledge with the old system as I sent my readings each month. I’ve contacted bulb several times to be told the same thing ( please could send a photo of the screen ) how this helps I have no idea . Bulb certainly are not putting these issues as a priority or even contacting those affected . Bulb have waited longer than any other service provider to send these units out as they promised they had these software bugs sorted … this is not the case !!!

@Campervan, surely as you’ve had it less than a month you’re no worse off than when you were submitting readings once a month.

Also your Bulb account should still show your readings, whether or not the IHD is displaying them correctly.