smart meter

I am just starting with bulb and I would like to have a smart meter in stalled do I have to wait till my start date before I can ask if I can get one plese

They are in the process of being rolled out, however i believe they have encountered some issues. Therefore I doubt you will get one straight away

Hi @Polly56,

Bulb aren’t able to fit a second generation smart meter for you at the moment, as you already have a first generation smart meter installed.

Unfortunately, we can’t currently read these meters so you’ll have to submit meter readings manually to your online Bulb Account. Not to worry though, we are hoping to be able to read all first generation smart meters by the end of the 2019/early 2020.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re able to do this.

@William at Bulb

Absolutely nothing to do with the actual query, but is this the start of a trend for Bulb working on a Sunday and a Bank holiday period to boot? =)