Smart Meter


Had a smart meter installed two weeks ago, at first all worked fine, however now I have no displays, the IHD simply states “waiting for data” have turned off and on several times, moved closer to the meters, still no joy. Would be grateful if you can advise

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Hi guys, i have now escalated both of these cases to the Smart team, they should have a fix for you in the next week or so

Hi @GBJIG and @Silicon_Chipper_2
We’re really sorry you’re having these issues, if you could report these problems in this form, then our smart team will be able to work on an appropriate solution for you:

I am really happy with bulb and can’t really fault them compared to when i was with SP, however why they keep offering smart meters why there are ongoing problems is beyond me.

I was emailed offering me one last week, and regardless of the fact I couldn’t as my gas meter is in a brown box outside, i would have been very apprehensive to have gone through with it at this current time!