Smart Meter

Ok had my type 2 smart meter fitted about 4 weeks plus ago it took some time to pick up on the data but then came into life and was showing enrgy been used. as of last week and a week later and running the battery flat re charge the unit it still sits there clock at 0.00 and waiting for data and no energy being used is showing up. I had this fitted as am disabled and have a problem with walking. so any help out there or the tech side could let us know if this issue is being worked on back in the labs some were. hope it get resolved asap dont look forward going down ito the cellar again due to my condition.
Many thanks
Mr T

@Trevnoaa17 Hi there,

We’ve got a new feature in the bulb account where you can fix your in home display or report it to us if that doesn’t work.

You can find the link to log in at

From there you just need to click ‘My IHD isn’t showing energy usage’ and run through the steps.