Smart meter

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a smart meter fitted and to also have somebody look at my meter to see if there is a fault with it as my bills seem to be high for the property I live in.

Hi @Ross2019,

You should be able to get a smart meter installed when engineers are in your area (Bulb are rolling them out nationwide as we speak) - you’ll get an email prompting if you’d like an installation in due course: however, it’s worth mentioning that many people have various problems with smart meters and they won’t actually help you save energy in themselves (just make it more ‘obvious’ what your current active consumption is - instead of reading the physical meter itself - and they should stop you from having to make manual meter readings).

For a diagnostics check of the meter, I believe the cost is around £120 per meter ( ) and that’ll be refunded if a fault is found: however, I believe meter failure rates are extremely low… If you let us fellow community members/customers know about your circumstances (size of house, occupancy, ‘high power usage’ devices etc), we might be able to say if that feels right in our experiences (for example, we’ve got a 3 bed relatively new-build semi-detached occupied 24/7 and use between £47 and £77 of electricity per month: mainly dependent on if we’ve got our two big desktop computers turned on all month(!) - we also have gas central heating and gas hobs).