Smart meter

We just had a smart meter installed yesterday. The engineer wasnt very helpful and left before the display was up and running - I strongly suspect he knew it wouldn’t work.

Initially we had some information about our gas usage. Nothing about electricity. Overnight the gas info has gone and we now have nothing. We have tried unplugging and repositioning etc with no joy.

After googling, I see this is a fairly common occurance and often customers are waiting months to have this resolved. Any tips etc as to who to contact etc? See mixed reviews about calling the general helpline

Hi @jennieuk,

You are right - there are numerous problems with smart meter installations - from them not being installed correctly (including, but not limited to, the IHD not being supplied, not being paired etc), to hardware ‘issues’ in the meters or IHDs themselves, to difficulties connecting them to the ‘DCC’ network because of radio network issues, to problems internally at Bulb…

If it is just an IHD (in home display) issue, go through the check list of (pinned at the top of this forum called ‘What to do if your in home display IHD is not working’) or through going through (from ) which might help if it is one of the common issues causing it.

If you have tried those steps and waited 48 hours for it to resync, it might then just be worth dropping Bulb an email at with details and they’ll log it for investigation (but there is a backlog they are working through so it won’t be quick).

Hi - that is very helpful. I have called and I think the meters havent been commissioned. Not sure how that can be the case when it used to show gas readings. Think the moral of the story is not to let the engineer leave until the monitor is fully working!