Smart meter

Well I had the new ‘2nd generation’ smart meter installed today, took less than an hour. Works perfectly, instantly shows my usage in KWh and cost, easy to set my budget (just enter my monthly DD cost) and the display shows that budget on a daily / weekly / monthly graph. No more meter readings! I’m pleased and, unlike others, mine is working perfectly.

I’m pleased for you. I’m taking my complaint against Bulb to the ombudsman.

@TheSa1nt not really sure why.

Smart meters still read energy normally until the network is up and running. It’s not costing you anything extra or anything different from reading meters like old school meters.

Smart meters have been rushed by all suppliers due to the governments failed target of 2020, not a hope in hell.

Smets 2 meters weren’t available until this year. Smets 2 meters should have been available from the start and they’d be a much more mature product now.