Smart meter

Can anyone tell me why I’ve not had a bill with readings since the smart meter was installed in June?
I did not want a smart meter but when faced with £130 charge to change the meter from night/day to a single tariff one I felt I had no choice. It was initially assumed I wanted one however I did not therefore when the engineer arrived I had no choice as I need the meter changed for on going work.
The meter is bigger and I question why the night/day up to date digital one could not have been amended/programmed to allow it to work…it was exactly the same as a I had at a previous property which went from night/day to a single tariff??? Not very ‘green’ changing a plastic meter to a bigger plastic meter! And I do question whether this was said just to meet targets to install smart meters…a meter which isn’t working!
I was also advised that my tariff would be swapped over to the standard tariff opposed to night/day…this has not happened.
I’ve just had a gas pipe installed which needs a meter…I’ve been advised to go to another gas company, one of the big six, to have a meter installed which means taking out a tariff with them then switching to bulb if I want them to supply. It’s generally cheaper for a dual fuel tariff but what a hassle? All this takes valuable time and resources!
I now question whether I should withhold my next direct debit payment???
Anyone else with similar issues?

This may be because your smart meter doesn’t work, much like many other Bulb installs, see other discussions for more context. I’d suggest asking Bulb directly why you aren’t getting bills based on your smart meter readings.Probably the only way to be sure. Good luck!