Smart meter

Hello. On June 17, you set up a smart meter for me. Unfortunately, it does not send you consumption every half hour and I cannot send you the consumption myself because the electricity meter has not been reset. Since June 17, I have used about 130 pounds and you on the online site increased my payment from 83 pounds to 105, saying that I am using too much and my account is negative!

Bulb have recently fitted smart meters but my in home display will only show electric consumption, i’ve tried switching it to dual fuel but it won’t. Not much use for budgeting when the higher spend is gas and it doesnt register it. How can i sort this ?

Hi thanks for the response, the home display works and records my spend - but for electric only, how can i see my gas consumption?

Hi i’m the same, my IHD was telling me my electricity costs but not gas! iv just tried to go on the smart app (samsung) and the IHD won’t work

Update on SmartThings Energy service

Does any one actually get replies on here …
My problem is similar
You are not using the correct reading sine my smart meter was fitted. My electric meter you are still estimating i have photos and sent you these as instructed with the correct figure. It is 23 not the old 5 figure number. Sent picture no response not able to email anyone with a response and the chat line lol is nota chat line it is always closed.