Smart meter.

I have just been asked for my meter reading, surely the smart meter readings should being taken automatically. The who engineer fitted the new meters months ago and set the display up, left before it connected to the meters. It failed and has never worked. I tried to reset it, no link, Wi fi is connecterd to my hub. Also before the engineer left I signed a form giving the new and old readings of the meters, Electricty 0000, gas 0000 on the new meters. Today I submitted reading of Gas 00065, Electricity 00639 and submitted them. I was asked to take photos on the meters (so the new meters are that smart). because they did not tally with the old readings which are in the 1000s and 100s and are still being used by Bulb. If Bulb is so good, why has nobody been in touch about the problem after I emailed them just after the smart meter fit, 20/06/2019? Am I getting charged wrongly? Why haven’t the new smart meter reading being used? Why are we both not working to the new meter reading? I am afriad I am not impressed as I have just tried to ring and been told they are extremely busy so I entered my number so they could ring me back. Guess what they are having technical ringback problems with that service. Does Buld call this service? I think it is time for a change.