Smart meter

Hi There, I am trying to let Bulb know that we cannot have a smart meter at our home as we have no mobile signal at our flat. I do not want constant emails about smart meters.

Apparently they run on a radio signal, not mobile.

@Chris439 this is not correct. SMETS1 use 3G/4G signal determined by the energy provider who installed the meter. SMETS2 meters use a purpose built network which is developed by the DCC, however, this network is provided by Telefonica (owns O2) and Arqiva. While it’s stated that the DCC network will cover more areas than what 4G does, the underlying technology is still cellular signal. If you have absolutely no cellular signal (not even enough to make or receive calls than it is unlikely that even an SMETS2 meter would work.

@DebsF Assuming these are emails from Bulb, your best bet will be to phone (or email) Bulb directly and ask them to make a note on the account or remove you from any automated email lists. Even then this may not work, as we know what energy providers are like. Asking here is unlikely to do anything unfortunately.