Smart meter

Does bulb supply smart meters?

Yes, but they may not work properly


Could you elaborate please Johno?

@Dman and @SeanBulb01 Bulb were in the process of rolling out SMETS2 (Gen-2) smart meters and had a sign up form which you can join the waiting list here.

However, Bulb’s roll-out of SMETS2 smart meters has not gone particularly smoothly, in fact the whole industry has had issues with the roll-out of SMETS2, hence the gov pushing the deadline back to 2024. So it is not just Bulb. However, Bulb certainly seem to be having more issues than other providers seem to be having. Simply take a look on these forums.

What @Johno is referring to are the problems Bulb are having. Where customers get a smart meter installed and either:

  • The IHD (Not smart meter itself) does not work.
  • The smart meter won't send automatic meter readings to Bulb.
  • Both of the above.

To my understanding, there is more technically going on, as the smart meters are sending data to the DCC, but for some reason Bulb is not always able to get or process the data from the DCC. Resulting in many custom having to submit manual readings, even after having a smart meter installed.

To add complexity to this, Bulb state they cannot read SMETS1 (Gen-1) smart meters which you may have had installed by your previous supplier. This is not technically correct as Bulb can read some SMETS1 smart meters, such as our’s which SSE installed before moving to Bulb. I’m not sure, but Bulb have either partnered with a third party to achieve this or they are receiving the data from the DCC (just as if it was a SMETS2) meter. Here is a list of SMETS1 (Gen-1) meters which are/have been included in the DCC adoption so far.

That’s a good summary from @Pantalaimon. There is also a further problem that many of us our facing with Bulb smart meters.

Even when the smart meter and IHD seem to be working fine and Bulb is receiving data, Bulb still seem unable to generate statements! It is as if they haven’t updated their billing software to cope with Smart meter data. Many people have now gone months without a statement or bill.

@Dan42 yup. I should have included this as, this is the exact situation we are / were in. As our SMETs1 meter was readable by Bulb and our IHD worked, we moved to Bulb’s Smart-Tariff by end of July. Since then we’ve not received a statement for August or September. Even though Bulb are 100% receiving our meter readings, as is shown in the online usage graph and our IHD shows the 3 separate unit rates. Yet, for some reason even tough Bulb have our usage information, they could not provide us statements. According to their phone support their system was generating billing errors on the account :confounded:

However, we’ve since request to move back to Bulb’s Vari-Fair tariff, and are waiting for this change to be completed.

I had one of these installed in June. It’s never given me any useful information. The interface doesn’t connect with the meter and as far as I am aware the smart meter doesn’t communicate with Bulb. The whole exercise so far has been a waste of time. When I’ve questioned Bulb all they have said that they are having software problems. I find it quite extraordinary that we make such a hash of an initiative like this.

My Smart Meter was installed four weeks ago and, as it couldn’t connect to the network at the time of installation, I was told that my IHD would be “sent later by Bulb”. Four weeks on I can’t read my meter in a way that was more convenient than before, so it is a backwards step. Smart meters are not so smart and would appear more hassle than old fashioned analogue devices.

I think I’m going to complain to Offgen. This smart meter programme is a joke. How can they get it so wrong?


That thought crossed my mind, too. I have emailed Bulb today and will see what they come back with before I escalate the issue.

yes my electricity account is being read fine but my gas account reading has still not being taken since July. Bulb did say they were going to take daily readings but that is not happening. Had to red the meter myself yesterday, Regretably previously good customer service is not good at the mo and taking 5 days to reply by their own admission. Need some more staff Bulb?