Smart meterr not working

So I keep getting emails asking for metter readings but.i have a smart meter
I have just checked and neither gas or electric is being sent.
Can’t get through to bulb who needs to fix this
That’s the whole point of smart meters.
Looks like time to leave Bulb as you can never get through to them .
And I’m not going to send them a reading


Hi Mark :wave: Welcome to Community

I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your smart meters. I have taken a look at your account to see what is going on. We have lost connection with your electricity meter and so this is why the readings are no longer sending.

To fix this I have requested a reboot of your smart meters communications hub. If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, please let us know.

Your gas meter was not commissioned when it was installed and so this is why we have not been getting any readings. At the moment we are unable to remotely commission your gas meter so for the time being you will need to submit manual readings. This is something that is being worked on and so hopefully we will get your gas meter connected in the future.

I have linked an article about What makes smart meters ‘smart’. This provides a bit more info about how the meters get connected.

Do let us know if you have any other questions about this!

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie
Thanks for the reply
Ok no problems with the electric side .but not sure why it takes so long to do that.

On the gas side
If it hasn’t been commissioned why can’t the people.that fitted it come and do it.
As I won’t be doing any meter readings as that’s the whole point of a smart meter.
Some one needs to come and look at it then.

Regards mark

Hi Mark,

Sending another engineer will not always fix the issue. There can be a number of reasons why the engineer could not commission the meter during the original installation, not all of these issues have fixes for them yet :disappointed:

This is something we are working on with the smart manufacturers but I understand that it is frustrating. We aim to remotely roll out fixes for these problems as solutions become available.

In the meantime, it would be great if you could submit manual readings so we can make sure your billing is accurate. Follow this link on how to read your smart meters if you need any help with this :slightly_smiling_face:

–KT :bulb:

Hi Katie
So why are they being installed and why are we not told things might not work.
If that’s the case how do I know that the meter is reading correctly and I’m not being over charged.
Can an old style be fitted back ?

Hi @Markrider

Smart meters are being installed by every energy supplier as part of a nation wide upgrade to the energy system. I’ve relinked this blog post we did on what makes smart meters smart and the benefits of having them installed.

Smart meters still record your usage just as a traditional meter does, however, they have the added ability to connect to the WAN (wide area network).This allows us to connect with them so they can send us meter readings through the communications hub on the electricity meter.

As the issue with your meters lies with a lack of connection to the electricity meter and your gas meter not being enrolled onto the WAN , they will still be correctly recording your usage it is just that they aren’t sending us these readings remotely.

We could look at installing traditional meters again, however doing that would limit the meters potential to be smart in the future. Additionally, the government charges energy companies upon the removal of smart meters, so this would be something you would have to pay for - here is a list of the costs of meter services .

Let us know if you have any more questions on this.

Eleanor :bulb: