Smart Meters again and Tide Energy Tariff

I really miss being able to use my 1st gen smart meter, is there any news when rollout / trial will start? Spent at least £20 extra over christmas because I’d left the loft light on!!

I would also like to see a tariff like Tide from Green Energy UK PLC which is really cheap during economy 7, normal during most of the day and expensive during peak period at tea time?

Hi @robepton, the trial is expected to start in June with the general rollout a few months later. Sadly insustry delays have been slowing down the process of 2nd gen meter rollout, and 1st gen DCC connections.

£20 extra for leaving a light on sounds pretty insane though! From that money, is it a few 100W bulbs? Perhaps consider swapping them for LEDs.

A rough estimate with Bulb is £1.10/W/year so a 100W lightbulb left on full time for a year would cost approximately £110, or £9/month.

@robepton we’ll be able to give clear timeframes regarding 1st gen smart meter integration later this year. I appreciate how inconvenient the lack of clear timeframes is, though.

Soory for late reply. 120W flourescent fitting.