Smart Meters (again)

I am just moving to you from BG after 3 months of incompetence on their part. I have their latest smart meters installed, so electric in kWh and gas in cubic meters.
Will the Bulb system accept cubic meters for gas readings or do I need a m3>kWh conversion formula?
Are the latest British Gas smart meters compatible with the new Bulb system when it’s rolled out?

Hi Chris, the bulb system will accept cubic meters, no need for any fiddly conversions. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to read your meter, but you will be offered our own next-gen smart meter free of charge

Having only had them replaced a month ago that doesn’t sound like a very eco-friendly solution :frowning: Manual readings it will have to be.

That’s very true and is why we (and other suppliers) are also working on trying to read the first generation of meters, so we may not have to replace them!