Smart meters and bees.

I have a horrible feeling smart meters are going to affect our bee population! They emit energy waves that upsets people who are sensitive to them, creating pain and exhaustion in fibromyalgics and ME sufferers, and I have read research which says that bees can no longer find their way home properly because of all the emissions they are giving out. I do not want one and am concerned that at some point we may be forced to have them. What about freedom of choice when to comes down to having all these gadgets?

@angela9085 Smart meters operate on the same network as mobile phones or wifi signals and so would not affect anything anymore than those signals that currently surround us.

You do not have to have a smart meter, if we ask, all that you need to say is “no thank you” :slight_smile:

@angela9085 , sounds like rubbish to me

Never mind that the amount of traffic that the meters send out is equivalent to a single text message per day or thereabouts. It’s not exactly video streaming over 4G. Though I’m surprised even that’s been bothered with when they could just connect to home broadband over short-range wifi or cable.

Has there been any kind of study of any kind showing that bees are affected by such extremely low-power (typically <0.1 watt) radio waves in the same way they are, e.g. neonicotinoids (and that some companies like Monsanto who rely heavily on such products will move mountains to try and shift the blame from)? Being out in the daytime must be murder on them if so, from all the radiation coming out of broadcast masts and radar sets, never mind that massive nuclear furnace and rich source of all kinds of electromagnetism blaring away at the centre of the solar system…