Smart Meters and installation difficulty

I see that others have commented (not always positively) about being pestered to install a Smart Meter. It has attractions because I don’t need to remember to take month end meter readings, but I have an issue regarding meter location.

My electric meter is contained within a cupboard by the front door low down. Beside it sits a chest freezer but because of a bad back, I cannot move the freezer yet the guidance suggests that I move everything out of the way so that the engineer can access that point. I don’t want to risk hurting myself so, is there any way I can be helped?

Also, the gas meter is located elsewhere in the property within the Kitchen larder but physically within the 10 metres. Ideally, I’d like both meters to be in a position where without crawling on the floor, I can reasonably see it. Is that possible as part of the installation process?

Hi @GWR_steam_33 :wave:

Thanks for posting :relaxed: This is a good question.

So, the engineer would need to have the way cleared in order to install a smart meter as quickly as possible. However, what’s more important is that you don’t hurt yourself moving that freezer. So, if you’re not able to get someone to move the freezer, it’s probably best not to book an installation. If you’d like us to stop the emails about getting smart meter installed, just let us know on this thread and we can get that sorted.

With regard to moving your meter, we could look into doing this as part of the smart meter installation process. If your meter was being moved within 1m, and on the same wall, then we could get that booked in for you and there would be a £60 charge.

However, if you were looking to get your meter moved over 1m away, you’d need to contact your District Network Operator (who would need to alter the wires in the morning before the installation).

If you’d like us to stop smart meter communications or you’d like to book in a meter move, just let us know. Any questions, ask away :relaxed:

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Niamh :bulb:

My meters do not have the required clearance around them, is it possible to be removed from the nagging until you actually offer installs in more difficult locations?

I’m ambivalent about the alleged benefits to me, but they do give me access to some interesting tariffs from a number of suppliers so I’d probably get them installed if I could.

No problem @chr0m4t1c - we’ve removed you from our smart communications for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi please could I also be removed from the mailings on smart meters? The meters at my property are too far away from each other, and so until there is a solution to this I am unable to have smart meters installed. Thank you.

Hi @Geri, that’s not a problem, I’ve done that for you too :+1:

I would consider this very carefully.
The meters will not be relocated, simply replaced with new ones in the same position. However, you get a little gadget called an In House Display (IHD) that shows how much power you’re using and the cost. But please read on, it does not always go smoothly.
I gave in for a similar reason (not having to send in monthly readings) but, since the installation was completed in April, it is still not working. I’ve been told to go back to submitting monthly meter readings. The company that installed the meters advise me that data is being uploaded, but Bulb say it’s not. Bulb also say the IHD isn’t working, but I have taken and sent them photos of it with readings (the readings I have input into my account). Added to which I’ve noticed that the meter number on the account does not match the number on the actual new meter in the under stairs cupboard. They’ve yet to correct this. I have family and friends who have these and they work well, but none of them are with Bulb and I am now wondering if that is where the problem is …

Hi Sunny Skies, just a warning, if the meter number on the bill does not match the serial number on the actual meter, the readings probably are also wrong so any bills you’ve had will be completely wrong… I’m not sure how they would know if your IHD was working or not as this isn’t something you can tell using a remote function, sounds like they are guessing… I’d contact them to make sure they know that your meter details have not been correctly updated.

Hi @SunnySkies

Looking at your account you have a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter so these were only ‘smart’ with the installing supplier, this is an industry wide issue and this is why we’re not getting readings from it and why your IHD likely won’t be showing the right information.

Slowly over the past few months we have started to be able to connect to SMETS1 meters but there are a couple of different types so yours hasn’t come through as enrolled to the network yet. This should happen over this year so we’ll connect to it soon.

I’ve also check the elec meter we supply on your account on the national database and the serial number matches there- I’ve sent you an email to ask for a photo of the meter you are meaning as I don’t see an installation for April on your account.

As @wayneice mentioned, we’d want to double check which meter you mean- Please get back to me there so I can get up to speed with what you mean :blush:

Well Holly, thanks for the response, but you are WRONG. The first generation smart meter at this property was fitted a long time ago and disconnected when the utility supply was transferred to Bulb. New smart meters were fitted by Morrison Data Services on 29 April 2021 as arranged through the Bulb account in question. Surely you’re not telling me that a utilities company is arranging for outdated tech to be installed?! As for supplying you with a photo, I have sent numerous pictures of the new meters to Hello@Bulb and complaints@Bulb email addresses, but it would appear that no-one is using this to sort the problem.
There is also the issue that trying to reply to the email you sent me results in me receiving the following response ’ We’re sorry, but your email message (titled Re: Bulb Community: [General Chat] Smart Meters and installation difficulty) didn’t work.
Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.
If you can correct the problem, please try again.’
I’m not trying to embed the media in a post, simply replying to the email you sent me with the relevant attachments. But I’ll have another go.
Oddly enough the above message was delivered to a different email address from the one I use to access the Bulb Community, so I wonder whether you are looking at the correct account. I cannot be the only customer with multiple accounts. Try Speaking to your colleague Amanda Jaca, who I am sure can give you access to our lengthy email correspondence. That at least will confirm the property address so that you can be sure you are looking at the correct account.
In the meantime, I will be taking this to Ofgem as it will be eight weeks on Saturday 3rd July since I first raised this with Bulb.
I hope to hear some positive news from you soon.

Thanks for the advice, but I have been talking to Bulb for almost 8 weeks, so on Saturday will be able to take my complaint to Ofgem.
I know the bills are completely wrong, but I did manage to speak to a customer service adviser who has reduced my monthly payments to reflect the information I provided him.
What I am really annoyed about is that until this issue has been sorted it appears that I cannot change supplier. Something I probably wouldn’t have done at present - despite the horrendous price increases Bulb introduced in 21st June - as the house is empty and may be being sold.
It really is a horror story and I will certainly never recommend Bulb to anyone again