Smart meters and time change

Early this morning (5:00 am new time, 6:00 am old time) my smart meter registered well over £2.00 of electricity use, and was well into the orange range for current usage. Which is bonkers, as it would usually be less than 10% of that, and never that in a full 24 hours. There would need to have been something using over 1 kw all that time - and there was not.

Quick fiddle with meter, press home button, and back to trivial use in low green.

I suspect a metering problem. Just me?

I have same thing but have looked at the history on display and it shows £0.00 for yesterday so I think it’s doubling up today (not starting at zero but starting from yesterday’s cost.)

Thanks Rob. I checked, and it’s the same here. Yesterday zero.

My meter reading was £125 yesterday and £49 for the day before, I know it’s getting colder but that seems a tad expensive. Meter seems a bit hit and miss but it seems to have corrected itself now.

Same, mine read £164 last night. That plus the readings not feeding through to my app or showing as estimate or ustomer are making me very wary of this smart meter.

I had £95 for one days usage showing just before midnight last night, then it went past midnight and it suddenly then showed ‘yesterday’ as £22 (still much too high for what was used). I too then looked on-line at my usage and saw only one or two ‘smart’ meter readings since the summer, the rest are marked as estimate. The smart meter is supposed to make things easier, not shock me at midnight with crazy figures and destroy any confidence that it is actually sending meter readings…

I’m at least relieved I’m not alone in this.

My meter is the old version - pl can i have a new meter showing the coloured bars and also the electricity sign pl ?
thanks and b wishes
Dr Shri