Smart meters application

hi i have been with bulb for just under 2 years now and I’m wanting to have smart meters installed but every time I try to contact I’m blocked there is no direct number to them and I cant seem to find any details online on how to apply I get no help from the robot chat so could anyone help please?

kind regards

I think there is a link on the home page to get smart meters fitted

We're installing smart meters for free | Bulb try that

Hey @1991kirsty

Thanks for looking into Smart meters and sorry you have had some difficulties booking one in.

As a prepayment customer you are not able to book this directly through your Bulb account, I will send a follow up email so we can get this booked in for you :grinning:

If you have any further questions about Smart, feel free to ask here or in response to my email :bulb:

Kind Regards,