Smart Meters are they worth it?

It is now 2 months since my Smart Meter ceased sending readings to BULB and IHD stopped working. Despite 2 emails to BULB (unanswered) and 2 live chats reporting my problem to Customer Service Advisors at BULB the problem still exists. Apparently DCC have to re-boot the meter (or words to that effect).
In the meantime I will have to send in manual readings (no hardship) but what is the point of billions of pounds being spent on Smart Meter installations when so many of them are failing? In addition it may take several months for DCC to get round to fixing the issue.

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The hard-up utility companies are more in need of the taxpayers shilling, than anyone else :rofl:

Hi @cjcgrantham, welcome to the Bulb Community!

By what you have mentioned, it does seem that we need the DCC involved. As a bit of background:

It may be a case that the Communications hub (device that sits above the electricity meter) has dropped off the smart network and is unable to communicate with your IHD, and with us. So we need to get the DCC to restart the connection to your comms hub. The DCC are the company in charge of the whole mart network for the UK. This can take them up to a month, as they do whole areas in batches (it can be a lot quicker because if this, it just depends where you live).

Have you had a recent update about this being done?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for responding to my comment. I can confirm that I have not received any update.

I hope you are able to chase DCC up as it is frustrating not being able to see my daily usage either on IHD or my online account at BULB.

Update to the above. It will be 3 months this week since my Smart Meter stopped sending readings to BULB. As mentioned above 2 emails to BULB, 2 Live Chat conversations, this posting and still no follow up from BULB of when the failure of my SMETS2 will be rectified.

Hence my original heading, ‘SMART Meters are they worth it?’ taking into account the £11bn estimated cost of the rollout.

Ref this comment regarding smart meters
So the explanation that mine has dropped off and it will only be connected once your own network is up and running was straight bs? My Smart meter that stopped sending readings in April 2020, which you didn’t tell me had stopped sending readings til I checked my details of my account in NOVEMBER, could have been reset easily? Now over 9 months since it stopped sending readings I’m now faced with a >150% bill increase to “make up” the money after I submitted readings the past couple of months. No mediation email or otherwise. My guess being I’m now being charged flat rate for electricity at all times rather than reduced rate outside of peak hours where a LOT of my usage is.

Still no change, still no reply from bulb in any manner and still unable to change my readings. Wonderful :man_facepalming:

Hi @Rival_Son,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please can you confirm which readings you need to change and why?

I can see your electricity smart meter is not DCC enrolled which is why we are struggling to get your smart reads automatically. At present, this isn’t something we are able to sort, so you will need to continue to manually upload your readings.

The two main reasons why we might not be able to enrol the meter onto SFE are:
a) The meter has already been enrolled onto the DCC network with a previous supplier
b) The meter was never properly commissioned by the installing supplier

Which readings are you looking to change? I can look into doing this for you.