Smart meter's been upgraded but doesn't show night tarriff

Update - This is in the process of being looked into by Bulb and may well just be a configuration issue pending the installers report*

Dear Help and Support,

I’ve had the smart meter fitted this morning, an EDMI ES-12B, fitted by Seimens.

I’m on the Pay Monthly Variable 2 rate, once called economy 7.

The smart meter doesn’t show the night unit rate as I cycle through the display either on the meter installed or the in house display - and this afternoon, the storage and water heater electric circuit supply ring came on which has always previously come on at night during the cheaper night unit rate tariff hours.

Bulbs customer guidance pamphlet has a section on being able to read the two tariff rates, but I cannot find the night unit rate 2 display.

So two questions please?

Is the meter’s behavior normal?

As there only appears to be one rate displayed, does the day unit rate change to the night unit rate on the display automatically?

With very best wishes,


Hi @david.b :wave: Welcome to Community,

I can see you have been in touch over email about this and so my colleague Matt should be looking into this for you.

To confirm at the moment your smart meter is sending us two readings (day and night) however I can see that there may be a configuration issue.

I will send Matt a reminder to check over your case and he should be in touch over email.

– KT :bulb: