Smart meters big con

Smart meters lets get this right it is not to save the planet like the rubbish we see on tv
it is so the energy companies know when you use the most energy then they will set higher tariff for those hours it is one big con


Are you a Bulb customer with a Smart meter? R-

yes and no I will not have one fitted my carer reads the meter for me and sends it to bulb

Can you give a source for the basis of your comment? R-

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Bud this is England not great britain as it used to be called the envy of the world now it is one big rip off I will stand by my comment and just let it run its course then we see who is right
if peoples tariff changes to in there peak hours

By encouraging usage time-shifting to flatten out the peaks and troughs, it will improve the efficiency of the grid, reducing the waste caused by having so much power on standby, and so help contribute towards saving the planet.

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Great Britain is not the same thing as England, and never was the same thing.


if you belive that you need to get your head out of the clouds smart meters so called don’t make you turn your heating lower or off people are not stupid they set it via a thermostat it will not change a thing people need to keep warm and will there heating as such to be comfortable in there own home a smart meter will not change that just lets the companies when they peak and change as they see the tariff I don’t care I am housebound and my heating as to be on all day
but please don’t think I am stupid or are other people we know what a spy meter is

I’m already on a time of use tariff with a peak rate between 4pm to 7pm. It saves me money overall, particularly so when charging my electric car.

You’re quite right, time of use tariffs wont be beneficial for everybody. For people like yourself it is unlikely to work out any cheaper. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking that what’s best for you is automatically the same as what’s best for everyone else.

The energy suppliers don’t need a smart meter to know when people use the most electricity. They already know that from the grid itself. No one will be forced onto time of use tariffs. Although it’s true that single rate tariffs might eventually become prohibitively expensive that it makes sense for to move onto time of use tariffs.


You have your stupid views I have mine I don’t keep knocking you down so don’t knock me down I can have my own views end of have a nice day

I never said you couldn’t have your own views? I believe I actually just said you were right, in one particular part of the discussion.

You’re entitled to your own opinion. You’re not entitled to your own facts.

Have a good day.


You remind me of my ex, she was of the opinion that everybody is entitled to their own opinion as long as it agrees with hers.


@vanjobo. Have you ever thought of using punctuation?

Surely the main point of smart meters is reading efficiency. No more estimates. No more mistakes reading the numbers. No more customers ignoring requests to submit readings. All done efficiently with no effort from the user.

Imagine how quiet this forum is going to be.

Hooloovoo: you’ve got Dublin in your UK ring.


It’s not my drawing. And yes I did notice the inaccuracy with the red contour line.

It’s an illustration not a technical drawing :upside_down_face:

vanjobo suffers from motor neurone disease and is quite likely typing with something other than a typical keyboard.

I wish responders wouldn’t criticise the spelling and grammar of others especially if they don’t know the circumstances of the person they are responding to.

Some individuals may for example suffer from dyslexia and such comments don’t necessarily help their confidence.

There are some occasions where auto-spelling has kicked into action and has incorrectly interpreted a misspelled word. It happens to me and sometimes I pick up the incorrect auto-spelling and sometimes I don’t.

Is it important if someone enters the word metre where they meant meter, it should be quite easy to see what the person meant to write purely from looking at the content in which the word appears.

e.g. My metre is one meter from the floor. :wink:


Fair point. But when someone posts “Smart Meters are a con” …

If they’d said “Smart Meters are yet another example of Government projects gone wrong” …:slight_smile:


It’s even better than this, as with a smart meter and a proper wholesale tracked TOU tariff, it’s possible to dynamically charge your EV, over night at different times. E.g. 03:30 - 04:00 and then again 05:30 - 06:30 as the wholesale cost changes.

What this means is that with tools such as IFTTT, APIs, smart EV chargers and EVs with an API you could easily be charging your car for under 5p/kWh or even better when there is surplus electricity and you get paid to charge your vehicle.

This same principle applies with home battery technologies like Sonen and Tesla. Where you can buy all your days energy dynamically at a much lower cost and then use it freely throughout the day even during peak periods.

Not too comment on the fact that if you get solar you are technically suppose to have a smart meter, especially now where if you want to get paid for export your meter needs to tack import and export.

Non, of this is possible, without smart meters. So whilst no one should be forced to have one, if they really don’t want it, they are no more a con than other smart technologies, I would argue they are far more important than smart TVs and fridges.

As for me I’m quite looking forward to almost free electricity over the summer with our solar and during the winter buying all our electricity in the early morning for sometimes 3p/kWh and below once we get our home batteries installed later this year. Once we add our EV charging usage and with our solar, and the Octopus Agile Tariff, we would easily be looking at a saving of over £900/year :star_struck:


@Pantalaimon Don’t you dare come here with your facts and reasoned arguments.