Smart meters complete failure

My smart meters have gone into complete melt down. The Han communication has stopped, and meter readings are not reaching Bulb. Bulb are unable to update any of the kit remotely. The only solution seems to be a visit by a technician. I am told an update by DCC at the end of 2019 is the cause. Surely they should test software, before letting it loose on the poor customer?

Hi @johnston.philip, I’ve had a look over your previous complaint and your account, and I can see that unfortunately your smart meters have dropped off of the Home Access Network, as you have said.

We are working on these issues currently, both as a company and as an industry, but I’m sorry that I’m not able to offer you a fix for this right now. However, once these fixes become available, we will be rolling these out for all members who are a similar situation to yourself.

Hi Lou
I am still waiting for you to fix my smart meters, is there any news about progress with this fault? It has been over 12 months now since you could read my electric!

Yes but if you had properly researched you would see that installing smart meters does not save you money and is a complete farce pay attention to the tech advice from experts all it takes is a google search or search on “smart meter installation problems” “smart meter fire burned the house down” “improperly installed smart meters by unqualified engineers” and more…!

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Omendata Thanks for the reply, I didn’t need to google anything to realize that smart meter would save me any thing, The ONLY reason I decided to get them fitted was to avoid having to read the meters myself

Hi there @johnston.philip,

We are still working on a fix unfortunately. As soon as one is found, we’ll be able to send it directly to your meter or if we need you to do anything we’ll send you an email.

Thank you for your patience - I’m sorry this isn’t resolved as quickly as we’d expect.