Smart meters? don’t make me laugh

Can someone tell me when my home display unit will be up and running, my smart meters were installed 1st week in Jan, I was told they would be working within 48 hrs, then 1 week then 3 weeks, it is now 5 weeks and counting, I’m not phoning anymore just to sit on hold for ages running up my phone bill, don’t see why I should carry the cost of Bulbs inability to provide a service which I’m already paying for via the service charge, I have sent 3 emails requesting an update all of which remain unanswered, I’ve tried the online chat but you can loose the will to live waiting for a response, so now I’ll try here, I bet if I stopped paying my direct debit or switched to another supplier someone would be in touch in a flash.

You have my sympathy, i’m in exactly the same spot, after four days of a page with a continual loop saying all will be well in the next 24 to 48 hours. Really…

I’m a non smart meter person, but haven’t either of you seen any of the multitude of previous posts on this forum about IHD issues?

If you had there would have been a strong possibility you would have not opted for a smart meter at this particular time.


unfortunately not, more fool me. When Bulb contacted me I thought it was a good idea and believed there bull, oh how I now regret it

No I haven’t seen the posts regarding “smart meters” only join the community page today and that was purely for another means of trying to communicate with the service provider, that said even if the meters don’t work that does not excuse Bulb from answering phone calls and online chats within a reasonable amount of time or replying to emails, the 1st of which is 2 weeks old and still no response.

Bulb rarely answer queries on the forum these days.

I was on chat a couple of days ago and was answered in a couple of minutes and my query was resolved a couple of minutes later.

Your initial post didn’t make it clear it was another way to get a response from Bulb it looked as if you were asking the rest of the Community for an answer to your query.

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Hi, my ‘smart’ meter was installed back in Aug '19, but then commissioned over a month later due to ‘back office support’ issues, and even now I’m still waiting for the gas meter to pick up the data remotely. I’ve chased and chased and have to say, Bulb are not glowing brightly anymore, the phone team try but their ability to fix issues is limited.

The recent letter from Amit & Hayden (co-founders) is pure marketing poop, and not worth the time to read. Seriously disillusioned and disenfranchised - time to GoCompare!