Smart meters - don't need to read the meters?

I just moved to bulb. I have smart meters for both electricity and gas, which meant I didn’t have to take meter readings for my previous supplier (Ovo). Bulb is asking me for meter readings. Will the automatic reading kick in, or will I need to keep giving readings?

It’s common knowledge that original SMETS1 smart meters lose their smart functionality when switching suppliers.

Bulb can read, via a third-party, approximately 1/3 of the installed SMETS1 meter base. Whether or not they will be able to read yours is impossible to say. They check on a meter-by-meter basis, with priority to those who have requested to move onto the smart-tariff beta trial.

More information here:

@chrisnann I would suggest you contact Bulb direct by telephone or by email to get a better picture, there are many factors that are needed to be considered before an answer is given and this public forum is probably not the best medium to get answers to your specific query.