Smart meters economy 7

Do the new smart meters still give me night and day rates like I had before

I would like to know the answer to this too!

Technically - yes, in fact they can support up to 48 different rates and half-hourly billing.

However, Bulb do not yet support E7, or any multi-rate tariff, on their SMETS2 meters.

Engineer fitted today and said I should still get day and night rate

Engineer fitted today and said I should still get day and night rate

You’re going to be disappointed.

Yes Hooloovoo is right I’m afraid - Smart 2-rate meter aren’t something we offer yet.

It will just be one rate for your new smart meter.

Yes Hooloovoo is right I'm afraid - Smart 2-rate meter aren't something we offer yet.

There are posts on this forum suggesting that E7 is now available on Bulb SMETS2 smart meters.

Do you work for Bulb? Your profile suggests otherwise.

I had a new smart meter fitted on the 15 August and I am on E7 and it is working fine. you can only see the night rate when you are actually on the night rate. I have not been able so scroll through the meter and find both rates but it does change over.
be aware that the time might change as my did but no one told me.

I’ve just had my Smart Meter installed. I’m still on Vari-Fair E7 Tariff as far as I know. Will I automatically switch to Single Rate? I want to, as I don’t even have any night storage heaters. The only option I could see in my account was for the new 3 rate tariff.

Still unable to change from Dual Rate to Single Rate tariff, as Bulb don’t answer phone calls, emails, or forum posts.

I’m getting an electric vehicle next week, so an E7 tariff will actually work out better for me. Just have to work out when my meter switches over to the night rate.

I had the following reply from Bulb regarding E7 smart meters;
“Unfortunately there is currently a national shortage of economy 7 meters at the moment. I have added you to the priority register for one of these and we’ll be in touch as soon as they are back in stock.”

That was on 28th March 2019.