Smart Meters (Electric Connected, Gas Not)

Hi, Seimens undertook Smart conversion but only Electric completed. The Gas hit a problem stated as rusted and old type connection. Engineer “was supposed” to contact Cadent. After a few months, I checked with Cadent and they have no case for the address. How do I get this connection issue resolved between Bulb, Seimens and cadent to get on a smart meter?

Cadent said: "There is nothing logged at your address from Seimens.

In regard to the old fittings stopping a smart meter being attached; this is not something Cadent can support and an issue your gas supplier will need to rectify.

If the pipework before the emergency control valve is rusted then you can call the gas emergency team and report a corroded pipe."


Hey @RJG Welcome to Bulbs community page :wave:

Sorry to hear you have been left waiting on a response for your issue. The engineer should have made contact with them if they believe the issue lies with the network operator (Cadent)

In this case it may be that the work can be completed by one of our team, we would need to get a clear picture of your gas metering setup so we can pass this forward to our team to view the work required.

I am sending an email to you so we can check this a bit further :grinning:

– Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl,

I’ve emailed you the images I have. If you need more to help resolve this let me know.

Many thanks.


Thanks Richard - just checked my inbox and can see them, thank you for doing that, it will help in hopefully getting this resolved.

I will update you there once I have checked over everything.

– Carl :bulb:

Thanks Carl, much appreciated.

No worries at all Richard :smiley:

–Carl :bulb: