Smart meters, few questions. Solar panels..

I’ve not had a smart meter before.
I would like to get one in future, so that I can monitor remotely (online or app) and get an idea of the energy use.
I currently have solar panels installed on the roof with a generation meter. (FIT payments are made by scotish power for generation at the moment)

Would the electric smart meter replace both the generation meter and the electric meter? (or is it 2 new meters)
Will I be able to view online the energy use and download the data?
Will I be able to tell what my solar panels are producing from the data? (The current system i got installed (energynote solopv) is a little flaky)

I am currently using a ‘LoopEnergy’ product to monitor gas consumption and it works really well for my needs, as it measures the flashes from the meter and gives an accurate meter reading as well. So I would not want to replace this.
Would I be able to just get the electric smart meter, rather than both electric and gas?

Lots of questions just answer what you can for now. thanks

Hey @LalJohn , that certainly is a lot of questions! I’ll try my best to answer them. As a forewarning, a lot of these questions are in the process of being figured out and answered right now. So I can’t give a firm response.

1./3. We would replace the electricity meter that we supply with a smart meter - your set up sounds slightly more complicated than the average one. We don’t yet have a clear answer on smart meters automatically measuring exporting to the grid. But this is something that we are working on as we think this would make a lot of sense.

  1. We are working currently on offering a product that sends your usage data straight to your MyBulb app. We’ll be able to confirm whether this is possible on top of the energy monitor in the coming months.

  2. You will not be forced to have any smart meters, only offered. So it seems natural that you would be able to get just one meter installed if that suited you best.

I would suspect that the generation meter would most likely remain (and remain with Scottish Power or whoever else you choose) as not all suppliers are equipped to deal with solar feed-in (Bulb included at this time) so a combination meter may make things difficult.

Some of the 1st gen gas smart meters still had a flashing red light so your Loop monitor may still function with a new smart meter from Bulb but that will depend on the the specific meters they chose to install.
Even if Bulb support energy monitoring though the app and website in the future, it’s unlikely to support as high a time frequency as the Loop can do at present so I can see your desire to potentially keep that product.

Please can you add me to the smart meter trial for an electric meter.
Sometimes my electric meter displays “rEd”. Additionally the red led is permanently on. I had determined that it stands for ‘reverse energy detection’ which makes sense because of the solar panels,and I assuming the smart meter will do something similar.

Do you have any details of the manufacturer and model number of the smart meter you will be fitting in your trials?

@LalJohn, from other discussions (I’ve asked the same question), it sounds like they have not yet made a decision on that and may be rolling out more than one model during the trials.

@LalJohn you’re on the list :slight_smile: