Smart Meters , flats and Economy 7

I’ve just had an email invite to get a Smart meter. However my last 2 suppliers couldn’t fit one as I’m in a flat with the meter in a cupboard on the ground floor and I have economy 7. Apparently both were show stoppers.

Is this still the case? Don’t want to waste everyone’s time if it’s not possible.

Not sure I’m in a flat top; of three floors
Meter in hall cupboard.
I’m yet to receive smet2 smart meter invite.
Hope this doesn’t stop me from Smart Meter’s
Where your 2 suppliers recent and did they have the latest type of Smart Meter.
P.s. maybe someone qualified could reply to your post.

It was a couple of years ago because I didn’t try with my last supplier so maybe things have changed now. Worst was British Gas as they posted the smart meter to me, then sent an engineer. He knew as soon as he came in it wasn’t an option but couldn’t take the meter back so I was left tripping over it until I finally binned in.

I have emailed customer services at Bulb directly but got no answer hence asking on here.
I also went through the FAQs and couldn’t find an answer to these questions though did see something about needing 2’ around it. All ours are in the same room and are much closer together than that.

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Bulb told me last year that dual rate smart meters (economy 7) wouldn’t be available until later in 2020. If you follow through the links in your e-mail this should be confirmed. I don’t know if your present meter location is an issue. Either way, I’m happy to continue to submit monthly readings, and will probably refuse a smart meter even when they do become available.

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The only info from clicking through was the FAQs and economy 7 wasn’t mentioned nor was if your meter is not in your property. However I did see the bit about needing 2’ around which just gave me something else to query.