Smart Meters for 3 Phase with Solar panel connection as well

You mentioned in some posts that late 2018 you would be starting rolling out 3 Phase Smart meters. We are a new customer and wondered where that roll out was up to? and also whether it would be available to us? We are residential and have also attached in (presently still with our old supplier a 45 KW Solar FIT) which would be good to be done through the Smart Meter as well.

45 kW? Seriously?

yes it is ground mounted and provides all the power for the house during daylight hours in Summer (and a lot more) not so good in Winter though

@HDBSLB, do you have any kind of storage to go along with that or do you just export serious amounts of energy every day?

Sorry I hadn’t realised you had replied I got no email notification although it was turned on anyway I am back. We have no storage at the moment although our problem is more of a annual issue i.e. summer our energy usage is nothing and we export loads to the grid Winter the ground source heat pump eats most energy produced and more. What would be good is having a smart meter across both that gave us credit for what we produce during Summer and then made us pay when we over use in Winter. We are considering a Tesla Powerwall although as mentioned above it is more annual than daily. Many thanks Hugh