Smart meters - getting pestered to install

I am being pestered almost on a weekly basis to have smart meters installed at the property I rent.

I have no problem with having them installed but last time I looked into it, I read that for dual fuel, both meters need to be within 10 metres of each other. My electricity meter is at the front door of my property and my gas meter is on the rear wall of the property and the flat below me is in the way. Can I have still have smart meters installed bearing in mind the two may not be able to communicate with each other?

Also, my gas meter is in a box on the ground, which regularly fills with water. I’m not seeing how an electronic smart meter will be happy sitting in a pool of water for 6 months of the year or during heavy rains.

Can anybody help with my questions?

Hi @Aston, unfortunately we do need the meters to be within 10m of each other, in order for us to book smart meter installations at the moment. I’m going to send you an email this afternoon, to confirm the property details, and then I can put a stop to smart meter installation prompts for you.

I wouldn’t do it personally. I’ve had one almost a year and it hasn’t worked once.

That being said if you raise a complaint every 6 months you get £5 off your bill (winner winner)