Smart meters - I'd be interested in one but I have storage heaters

I keep getting e-mails from Bulb inviting me to book a smart meter installation. Each time I try, the “do you have storage heaters?” question ends the process as apparently those aren’t supported by smart meters yet.

So, two things:
It’d be nice if this fact was recorded on my account so I don’t keep getting invited until they are supported. For now I’ve just unsubscribed from the mailing list but it would be nice to know when I could get one.

Secondly, I expect the problem here is that there’s a separate consumer unit used for “off-peak” things like storage heaters and the water immersion heater. I now have an Eddi to divert solar PV energy into the water heater, which also gives me the ability to schedule boost times, so I am no longer using the off-peak consumer unit feed for that at all. I’ve also fitted some Sonoff switches to the storage heaters so effectively I can also set schedules for those too.

At this stage I think I can probably just get rid of the “off-peak” feed and just have the consumer unit fed from the main one. Would this allow me to then have a smart meter fitted?

And, all that said… Is it worth it?

Why would you want to pay over twice the unit rate?

mines an economy 7 meter and its smart, but i no longer have storage heaters

curious as to what are you using instead of storage heaters? if you don’t have those then (unless you’re e.g. charging a car overnight) there’s no particular advantage to being on Econ7, isn’t there?

What is the point you are trying to make, doesn’t really help the OP.

No, not yet manufacturing 5 tail meters.
And, all that said… Is it worth it?
You would have too weigh up the cost versus benefit of switching to an alternative heating system eg :heat pumps.

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When i moved in there was old storage heaters, and economy 7 meter, ie 2 rates, when they fitted the smart meter they installed E7, with regard to heating, i now have gas fitted and 2 log burners. all im saying is i was E7 and a smart meter was installed. in august this year. with regard to advantage or disadvantage. it was replaced like for like, i never even thought about it.

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hi Richard - I’m just a layperson but it sounds like you might be better off switching to just the regular one-charge tariff? Pretty certain on that. We’re on economy7 but that’s because averaging out across the year we use nearly 80% of our energy overnight (we have storage heaters and a thermal store for hot water, which both use off-peak elec). The off-peak rate is about half the price of on-peak under Econ7 tariff, but on-peak for E7 (which is what you must be getting billed for re pretty much all of your energy use now you have gas installed and a fire) would be more than you’d pay on just a normal tariff. Good luck!

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The day rate for E7 is a little under 15% higher than the non-E7 rate, while the night rate for E7 is just over 55% of the non-E7 rate (on Bulb’s rates).

I have E7, and my consumption is roughly 65%/35% day/night, and I’m about £40pa better off with E7.

The major appliance that I specifically arrange to run during the night is the washing machine [washer/dryer]. Pretty much everything else is either 24×7 [fridge, computers, small gadgets] or based around my activity [lighting, kettle, microwave, oven, shower, iron, vacuum cleaner, etc].

I’ve crunched the numbers, and it looks like the cutoff is at 77%/23% (approximately, using Bulb’s rates). So as long as your night-time usage is more than 23% of the total, E7 saves you money if you’re with Bulb.

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I could well be better off, although i am trying to use dishwasher at night every night 2am to 6am, I’m also looking into solar atm, i run 2 log burners & use as little gas as i can, just showering atm. also looking at battery storage and EV so im sure the E7 will work out better in the end. i think im about 15% Night 85% day atm, im not a huge user 700 KWh per month Electric, gas the standing charge is normally more than my usage, but worth looking into. PS im layman too, i find all this very confusing and trying to get my head round it all, fee to leave the different standing charges and rates every charges. thanks for the advice though its defo worth a thought :slight_smile: