Smart meters ihd

I’ve just seen you are fitting smart meters again before you start try getting the ones ou have already done working properly. the ihd on my meter’s have not worked correctly from day one after about 16months and numerous excuses and tests still no joy in fact the last email was completely ignored.If anybody is thinking about smart meters be careful

Hi @Luckyboyo :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

I have had a look over your account and for us to reach a resolution on this you will need to fill out the commissioning form sent by my colleague. Once this has been filled out we can attempt to commission your IHD.

The good news is that we are receiving smart meter readings from your meter. You can view your usage in your Bulb account through your usage charts. We generally say that the meter readings themselves are most important. We always bill to a reading at the start of the billing month and again at the end to make sure we’ve got the right consumption information :bulb:


Jenny :star:

I’ve filled in umpteen forms to no avail also I know you are getting the meter readings.If I go into the bulb app I know I can get the usage but I want the ihd working properly so I can see in a glance it’s like buying half a car thanks