Smart meters in apartment blocks


Just querying the above- is it possible to get a smart meter in a block of apartments, where there meters are in a locked away basement area?

From personal experience I can say it is possible, although Bulb was not my energy supplier at the time and I no longer live there.

Definitely possible in theory though.

To confirm with first answer, I don’t think it is a problem apart if a huge cost added to wirring…
It is only a problem for high rise buildings… (Again for cost I supposed! But I am guessing here!)

@JordiOH I understand you’re trying to help but was it really worth bumping a 4 month old thread in order to add your “guess” of an answer? What is the “huge cost added to wirring” you’re referring to? The meters are a like-for-like replacement with no additional wiring needed.

The OP doesn’t seem to have an account here any more. But for anyone else reading, the answer is yes there’s no problem installing smart meters in apartment blocks. You wont be able to have an In Home Display due to your apartment being too far from the meters, but you’ll still be able to benefit from automated readings and multi-rate tariffs.