Smart Meters, increased price cap and how to budget

So, calling anyone ta bulb… if you’re there please respond because this is actually a serious issue.

In the news today, we are told that the energy price cap is going to increase by another £800… a truly stupendous amount.

One of the selling points for smart meters is that you can instantly see your energy usage and take any necessary action as a result.

That is of course if your smart meters are working.
Yes, here I am well over a year down the line still trying to get my not working smart meters upgraded to working ones. Avid readers will know that I have a replacement gen 1 gas meter that doesn’t send readings anywhere, not even to the IHD and a gen 1 electricity meter that sends its readings to the IHD but not to bulb (promised compatibility was summer last year) and an IHD that has no idea of tariffs so is showing daily energy usage at £0.00.

I’m hoping that one day very soon someone at Bulb will contact me to tell me that a second attempt at last year’s aborted upgrade will happen.

This would enable me to be able to budget such that I can meet future payments to my bulb account… with energy prices going up exponentially working meters really are important.

Tick Tock…

Hi @TimXJR1300 :wave:

There are certain meters that haven’t yet moved over to the DCC network. Once this happens, we may be able to begin taking readings. Unfortunately, Bulb aren’t able to speed up the process of moving these meters to the newer network as this is actioned by the DCC themselves.

If you would like to discuss this further please let me know and we can take this to email.

Jenny :star:

Thanks Jenny,
I would like to discuss this further, specifically how my meters will eventually get information about the tariff, how the disconnected gas meter that was installed last year will start to communicate with the IHD.

Please feel free to contact me directly at your earliest convenience.